How To Set Up Your Own Harvestime Immediate Institute In Your Church


hands, female, opening BibleThere are two methods of setting up a Harvestime Bible School (known as a Harvestime Immediate Institute, because they are so easy to start). 

With the non-formal method you just run it for your church or denomination and it has no outside credentialing. You can issue certificates, however they are not recognized in any way other than by your church. This is totally free and is very easy to set up (see below).

With the formal method, you have an extra step. First you set up the Harvestime Immediate Institute in exactly the same way as with the non-formal method, however you need to have the exams marked online and the certificates will be issued, not by your church, but by the Harvestime International Institute, which is recognized by the State of California (see below).

Non-Formal Method     You download the Harvestime courses, then send us an email, and we will send you the Harvestime Immediate Institute forms and exams. You set up your own bible college, call it whatever you like, teach the courses, mark the exams and issue your own certificates according to the laws of your country. To learn how to start a Harvestime Immediate Institute go to:

And click on the various headings to find out all the details.  This is FREE if you live outside the USA and is only $40 if you live within the USA.

Formal Method:   This is if you want an Associates of Biblical Ministries degree (equivalent to a Diploma of Biblical Ministries in Africa) which is accredited in the State of California, USA.  We have just started the Harvestime International Institute at:

The procedure is EXACTLY the same as for the Immediate Institute and you can name your bible college whatever you want and your bible college can be anywhere in the world. However, in order to get the accredited certificates your students must do the exams online. These exams have a low fee of just $7 USD each. This fee enables us to maintain the server and pay the people who are running it. This will start on July 1st 2019. You can find out all the details about how to do this on the front page of the Harvestime International Institute website above.

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